At Chic Properties we ensure that we deliver projects of exceptional quality, that’s why it is important to us to inform our clients/investors about the step-by-step procedure we follow, in order to know what to expect:

  1. Initiation: At this stage we have a meeting with the client/investor, where we set out all of the expectations, needs and goals that need to be achieved for the completion of the project.

  2. Planning: Then, we plan the project’s activities by creating a time frame to be followed. We gather everyone that is involved in the project and have meetings with them for fine-tuning. Alongside with the coordination and management services, we also offer the services of selling, advertising and marketing as we have an in-house department responsible for that.

  3. Execution: Once all the parties involved have met in the first round of meetings and jobs have been allocated and clarified, we remain in touch with everyone and on track with every party’s status and responsibilities. We take care of reminders, push for deadlines to be met, resolve daily problems that may occur and monitor the project’s progress.

  4. Completion: Once all stages are in line and the construction is running smoothly, we then start our promotional campaign and sales.

With our years of experience, we utilise our knowledge and expertise to continuously reach for the best end results that will leave our clients satisfied and relaxed.